Thursday, July 7, 2011

Forgotten Music: June Summary

Yeah, I'm a bit tardy, but there you go.

Bill Crider - Jimmie Rodgers

Eric (Iren) - CQ (soundtrack)

Jerry House - Herb Jeffries: The Bronze Buckaroo

Randy Johnson - Rick "l.a. Holmes Holmstrom: Lookout!

George Kelley - Neil Diamond: The Bang Years, 1966-1968

Evan Lewis - The Bee Gees: Odessa

Todd Mason - Aretha Franklin's soul recordings for CBS

Charlie Ricci - Thelma and Louise (soundtrack)

Scott D. Parker - Clarence Clemons: Peacemaker

Perplexio - I-Ten: Taking a Cold Look

Until 28 July...

1 comment:

Iren said...

Scott... that should be the CQ soundtrack. Thanks, Eric