Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"Criminal Elements" is live!

The secret is now out of the bag. The new mystery/crime blog from Macmillan, Criminal Elements, is now live and ready for reading.

I have contributed a few entries so far and plan to be a regular contributor. To date, I've written about crime and mystery comics/graphic novels, but have already started to widen my scope.

I am extremely thrilled to be a part of this new web presence for crime fiction. And I look forward to reading all the great content, too. And, for you SF fans out there, be sure to check out Tor.com.

Here is the official press release:

NEW YORK, NY, 4/26/2011--Macmillan announces the launch of a new crime and mystery-focused community website with a focus on sharing and enriching the experience of crime story fandom. Liz Edelstein, Senior Manager and editor at Macmillan Community Network, made the announcement, and said that the site will highlight different areas of the genre, from noir to cozies and everything in between.

The site will feature pre-release excerpts, original short stories from various authors in the space, topical blog posts, and will eventually be offering downloads and podcasts. It’s a place for fans of the genre to come together in one exciting online space. At launch there will be excerpts, original fiction and articles by authors Joseph Finder, Steve Hamilton, Rosemary Harris, Charles Ardai, Luis Alberto Urrea and more.

Much like its successful sister sites, science fiction community Tor.com and romance community HeroesandHeartbreakers.com, CriminalElement.com is "publisher neutral," meaning that it will include author participation from all publishers and other content creators, and is not exclusive to Macmillan authors.

“This is not a typical review or promotions site,” says Edelstein. “We think of CriminalElement.com as a community for fans, by fans, and the focus is on editorial content rather than on marketing.”

CriminalElement.com will have a social media presence on both Facebook and Twitter as well; visit www.facebook.com/crimehq and www.twitter.com/crimehq respectively.

With CriminalElement.com, Macmillan is leading the charge in creating a themed community for authors and fans to interact and share their love of crime fiction and nonfiction.


David Cranmer said...

Glad to see your writing in there, Scott. The article on Parker was tops.

Scott Parker said...

David - So Parker wrote some good words about Parker...? ;-) Thanks. It's been fun writing the posts, but oh so much better to see them live.

George said...

I'll have a FORGOTTEN MUSIC posting for you tomorrow, Scott.

Scott Parker said...

George - Whoa! Completely forgot. Thanks for the reminder.