Sunday, November 7, 2010

Houston Texans Haiku: Week 9 vs. San Diego Chargers

Missed it yet again.
Gaudy stats no longer good.
Bye-bye playoff bid.

We're hurt. So were they.
Why do their reserves beat ours?
No killer instinct.

Coach K: My advice.
Ride Foster every dang play.
He's the best we got.

Home cooking not good.
Season ticket holders: y'all
feeling gyped 'bout now?

San Diego Chargers - 29
Houston Texans - 23


George said...

I still think the Texans will end up in the playoffs. The next few games look winnable. The Buffalo Bills, on the other hand, could go 0-16.

Barrie said...

Just checking in on your between book reviews. In his football pool, my husband actually chose Houston over San Diego. So, even he wasn't happy when SD won!

Anonymous said...

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