Thursday, May 27, 2010

Forgotten Music: May 2010 - The Summary

Thanks to all who wrote today. A reminder: anyone and everyone can join. Just let me know.

Paul D. Brazill - Judy Nylon, Snatch
Sean Coleman - Dio's Last with Rainbow
David Cranmer - Distant Drumsby Jim Reeves
Bill Crider - Eddie Fisher
Chad Eagleton - Johnny Burnette's Rock N Roll Trio
Martin Edwards - "Waiting for Charlie to Come Home"
Randy Johnson - Move It On Over
Chris Jones - Miles David - Amandla
George Kelley - The Rolling Stones - Exile on Main Street
Scott Parker - The Empire Strikes Back (soundtrack)
Perplexio - Roger Hodgson - In the Eye of the Storm
James Reasoner - That Thing You Do(soundtrack)
Charlie Ricci - Ben Vaughn - Rambler

See everyone on 24 June.

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Todd Mason said...

And interesting range. Thanks for the links!