Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chicago Memorabilia

It's my wedding anniversary tomorrow (10 years!) and my wife surprised me with a fun little gift this morning. It's a bowl made from the melted LP of Chicago VII. For you Chicago purists out there, it's LP #2 with Side 3 in the base of the bowl. The four songs on that side of the LP (remember when songs were limited by the size of the LP?) are (I've been) Searchin' So Long, Mongonucleosis, Song of the Evergreens, and Byblos (a person favorite of mine).

Plus, for you western-loving folks, Chicago VII was the album cover designed to look like leather. The original album cover was embossed and all the leathery parts were raised. It was the band's last double album. Come to think of it, I haven't written a review of Chicago VII, one of my top 5 favorite Chicago albums. Think I'll need to do that soon.

My wife suggested I put candy in it and keep it at my office. I'll surely take it to the office but I'm reticent to cover the label. It's just so friggin' cool.

Just wanted to share this tres cool gift with everyone.

For folks in Houston, my wife, a jewelry artist under her business name of Betoj Designs (you'll have to click to her site to discover the fun meaning behind that name), bought this bowl from one of her fellow artists at OoLaLa in the Heights.


Charles Gramlich said...

That is kind of cool. Looks like a place you could stick some "cds."


Doug Warren said...

Sounds like a really cool bit of memorabilia.

Perplexio said...

That is too cool! Not to mention an excellent conversation piece.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Happy Anniversary!! And it's nice when a spouse appreciates what will really make your day.

Barbara Martin said...

Happy Anniversary! This reminds me I still have a record player on top of my stereo system which is 20 years old and still works. How lovely your wife bought you something to thrill you at the office.

Scott Parker said...

Charles - So far today, the "bowl" has just sat there with nothing in it. The best part of the bowl is the bottom, the very part that'd be covered with detritus.

Doug - It is. I really was surprised.

Perplexio - I had an office mate even comment "That the bowl?"

Patti - The thing about Chicago, I get/find things so fast, my wife never has a chance to surprise me. Glad she did with this.

Barbara - My wife's now looking to buy a USB turntable to transfer her LPs to digital format. Guess I can't play this one...