Wednesday, May 20, 2009

George Pelecanos is coming to Houston

This Friday, at Murder by the Book, one of the pillars of modern crime fiction, George Pelecanos, is visiting my fair city. He's been on my list of Must-See authors since I discovered him in 2001 with his first Derek Strange novel, Right as Rain. Since then, Pelecanos is one of those authors with whom I try to compare and make my prose and characters shine as brightly as his. And, as I just went to MbtB's website to get the link, there's a Twitter comment that Right as Rain and Shoedog are on track for moviedom. How cool is that?

And, of course, there is "The Wire." This project is so sublime it's difficult to add much more that hasn't already been said. Just. Watch. It. Period.

What I'm hoping for is an airdate for the Pacific Theater version of Band of Brothers that Pelecanos is working on. Band of Brothers is a fantastic series that really gives you a human perspective of war. I know the Pacific version will be just as good.

Anyway, I'll be taking photos and reporting on the meet-and-greet-and-read this Friday at 6:00pm. If you're anywhere near Houston, stop by. The store is just about the only brick-and-mortar store I go to anymore and it's just fantastic to talk crime fiction with a bunch of aficionados.

So, anyone out there going?


David Cranmer said...

Have fun and I would if I wasn't a million miles away. Takes lots of pics.

pattinase (abbott) said...

We have Elmore and Peter Leonard right on my corner. I'm not much of an Leonard fan but who could pass it up.

Charles Gramlich said...

Too far away, unfortunately. But I hope you enjoy. I'll be going to Babel Con in Baton Rouge in July so I'm looking forward to meeting some new writers there. Probably none as famous.

Barbara Martin said...

Unfortunately I am too far away to attend, but I agree with David: take photos and share them with us.