Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Starlog's Passing (from a certain point of view)

SF Signal, among others, have all noted the ceasing of Starlog, that venerable SF/F/film magazine, as a print publication. I just read Christopher Mills' post about it and posted a comment over there. He hits just the right notes about how Starlog was like a best friend for those of us in the Star Wars Generation who grew up on SF but had very few outlets from which we could learn information.

Head on over to his blog and see if y'all agree.

And for other SF folks out there, did you read Starlog back in the day?


David Cranmer said...

Whenever Trek or The Prisoner was on the cover I bought it. Needless, to say I have quite a few issue.

Terrence said...

Starlog introduced me to a writer named William Gibson and taught me that some of the best science fiction didn't look anything like Star Wars.

Anonymous said...

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