Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Playing Detective

Facebook can be a time suck. That's a fact. But it also is a great application to have at your disposal.

In January, I joined Facebook at the behest of my high school friends. It was great connecting with them after many, many years. Along the way, one friend, A, and I started talking about our elementary school years together. A and I reminiscenced and decided to find another mutual friend, C. C was not on Facebook so we took our search to Google and elsewhere. We looked up college yearbooks and technical societies. Finally, we found a phone number. All evidence indicated that the number belonged to C. In fact, it did.

We three are having lunch today.

Just a short little something letting y'all know that it really is fun playing detective. And it's nothing like the movies or books. It wasn't dangerous (thanks!), no one shot at me (double thanks!), and this one had a happy ending.

The long story about this exercise is that the real world life of a detective is something no one would want to read. So we have to make it exciting. How many other professions do we glamorize to make it entertaining for us readers?

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Chip said...

Hello again Scott. It was great seeing you and "A" again today. We'll definitely have to get together again soon. Now, as for Facebook, I'll have to think about it!